Fusion Basketball holds a Code of Conduct and Policy for all parents and athletes to follow while attending our program:


  • Multiple Children Discount: If a parent registers multiple (3 or more) children into Fusion the athlete entering the program with the lowest price will receive free admission to the program.

  • Jersey Rule: We will be introducing the official Fusion uniform for all ages. Athletes must rent their uniform (or fundraise/ sponsor).

  • No Parents In Practices: No parents are aloud inside of Fusion practices. Parents are admitted to watch outside the gym doors, but we do not permit parents inside the gym as it is a distraction to athletes.

  • Respect: Athletes joining Fusion must respect the basketball environment. This means that athletes must always respect coaches, fellow athletes, as well as the gymnasium and equipment.

Official Code of Conduct:

  • Athletes and parents must respect all gymnasiums and equipment while attending Fusion Basketball programs.

  • Athletes and parents must act in a sportsmanlike manner and not display appearances of violence, through acts of temper or aggression to other athletes, officials, coaches, or spectators while attending Fusion Basketball programs.

  • Athletes must respect and be courteous to all organizers, volunteers, and others assisting in the staging of an event where the athlete represents Fusion Basketball.

  • In all cases, it is the responsibility of the parent/ guardian of an athlete to ensure the athlete is safe and ready for participation until the athlete’s program officially begins. There is no supervision provided by Fusion Basketball until the stated commencement times.

  • In all cases, the parent/ guardian of an athlete is responsible for the athlete on all property/ ground of Fusion Basketball facilities if a Fusion Basketball program is cancelled.

  • Parents are not permitted inside the gymnasium of any Fusion Basketball programs, with the exception of games or tournaments where permitted by Fusion Basketball.

  • As a member of a Fusion Basketball program, parents and athletes are aware that if any of these rules are broken or violated, the athlete can receive suspension or termination from the program if decided by the organization.

Media Rules:

  • Unless specifically notified, athletes and parents authorize the publication of any photography or video taken for or during this program for the use of promoting or advertising further.